State of Dog: 83

This Fall could be more pleasant.  Some might believe the last few months were wretched for me.

For about 6-weeks, I lived with Addie and her family.  Being separated from Julie proved deliciously problematic. I, though distracted by Addie, pined for Julie. When she did come to see me I tried and failed to control my wiggling tail and gushing licking of her face. She tasted better with each return visit.

Then I recently experienced a couple of unfortunate adventures resulting in surgeries.

On my first day to a new daycare near the town where Julie now lives, another dog bit my left ear degloving the cartilage resulting in surgery to remove a section and cover the remaining ear with skin. It was gross.

Then last Monday I underwent dental surgery to remove a broken tooth and the roots.

Today, playing with Addie, the gums started to bleed and the sutures were ripped out leaving an open hole.


Julie became a whirl of activity and with the help of her son (my first love), who lives in Vancouver,  found a doctor who could see me.

She treats me so darn well.

We went to the Wellington Veterinarian Hospital in Markham.  Follow them on Instagram, too!


I have new best friends!  I was pawed upon, talked to, allowed to sit on chairs, had snuggles, heard ooooos, and awesssss, and lilting sounds of adoration. I might appear regal and controlled but I hide my pleasure well.  Inside I am dog-giggling.

Here I am with Julia, who has the warmest hands for a tech EVER, snuggling on the chair. If there were a suggestion box, I would recommend replacing the chairs with love seats so Julia could really benefit from my leaning in and laying-head-upon-knee techniques.

I wish I could bring her out to play with me.

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