About the dog

Hello.  I am the dog.

THE dog about which this blog focuses attention is me.  My shiny solid liver-coloured coat confuses some but I am a German Shorthaired Pointer.

Some would think it bizarre to give a dog a human voice. Anthropomorphizing animals is common with many but purist and dog trainers so poo to that.

Humans have their code of communication and so do animals. My voice is channeled and translated through Julie.  She really wants to be called “Jools” but I suspect she will tire quickly trying to get people to spell it the way she sees it.

I know she misinterprets me most of the time yet it is pretty funny reading what she thinks I am saying.

It is great that you stop by this site and check out my adventures.  It all started with Kieffer, a tall, lanky guy living in Toronto, Canada now in Vancouver. He picked me from my litter because I looked chubby, content, and chill.

He traveled out of the country for a while, so I took a road trip across the Canada plunked on his lap in the front seat of  the car, landing at his mom’s place in Red Deer, Alberta.  She won’t send me back to him. Not ever. I suspect her heart went “boom boom boom” big with love when she saw me.

Though I miss Kieffer terribly much, my life with Julie is an adventure of rollicking wonder with a modicum of perpetual uncertainty as we travel around the country, live in different cities and in various provinces from coast to coast. She and I have been together for nearly 8 years now.

Every day is different.  Every day has a new adventure or activity.  Really, everyday is different. Some days we lay abed for hours as I dream of chasing squirrels and chipmunks and Julie burrows under the quilts in her jammies binge-watching an intense spycraft drama or foreign film on Sundance Now or Netflix.  SMost days I get time on the treadmill before  hopping back to bed when she goes to work. Other days we are up early enough to hear the creaking of dawn and walk 10 kilometers to a nearby town so she can get a peanut butter chocolate energy bar from the bakery, and I get chunks of liver. Other times I lead her along mountain trails only giving up the lead when the smell of bear or bobcat becomes too pungent – she can meet them first. We have walked, hiked, biked, swam, ran, snow-shoed, skijorged, tugged, lunged, snored, motor toured, slept, laughed, and played all across Canada.

I  love Julie.

I love Canada.

I love naps on a pillow stack.