State of Dog: 84

I am clad in a clash of colours this morning! Not totally awful though.

Julie’s sense of style confounds me from time to time.

It is only -15 this morning yet she bundled me up in a red snood.  I get it.  My ear that had surgery is a tad sensitive to cold.

Okay, a snood is useful.

The orange hoodie is a unique design.  It has a pocket located right at my bottom end.  Convenient placement because Julie puts those green flimsy sacks in there.  She uses those sacks to gather up my intestinal waste.   She is so thoughtful!

It’s the clumsy clunky things on my feet that are a botheration.  The straps are too long and the bottoms make a scrapping sound on the pavement.


Yet, I do recall yesterday that my foot pads were so cold that I was hopping around on only two legs from time to time and the salt from the pavement stung sharply.

Just this once, I will agree to wearing these weird things on my feet.

I wish there were others from which I could choose.

Somebody, take Julie shopping!!!!!