State of Dog: 95

I am whispering in Julie’s ear before i fall asleep with a good round of snoring.

She is so patient with me as I work my way under the covers and up to the pillows.  Oh, my . . . the comfort!  The softness!

I’ve been sick for a week or so.  Yucky  projectile retching and nasty dispatches from the other end.  Julie calls that end my ‘cannon”.

Sometimes she is funny. Sometimes.

Tonight, I want to be close to her so I put a paw on her shoulder and my nose to her ear.

I think I will stay here until she falls asleep just to be sure she doesn’t go anywhere.

She doesn’t snore so it’s hard to know when she’s asleep.

I snore.  I really do because I have watched videos of myself sleeping and grrrr easily to hear myself snore with an lilting cadence.