State of Dog: 98


Julie tries to be as styling as me.

I have been encouraging her to get goggles like mine so we can be truly twinsies.  Alas, she prefers the flat eye ware.

There is a trend happening here.

Every time I get my goggles on, Julie and I have a crazy fun experience.  She takes me out skijorning or hiking in remote outback kinds places.

And I love it!

Places we go:

Ontario lacks wide open spaces for me to run.  In Alberta, we go to Nosehill Park (1129 hectares) where I can run off leash for hours.  When in Cranbrook, Julie takes me to the Community Forest  (2000 hectares).  In Kamloops, I absolutely  give a full-throttle run through the silt bluffs of Valleyview Nature Park (1400 hectares). When we visit Vancouver, we go to Lighthouse Park (75 hectares with wicked views of the ocean and Vancouver, and rock-gardens).

Yet, here in Ontario, there are no large (1000+ hectares) of open spaces that allow dogs to run off leash. So we end up looking for dog-friendly parks.

I appreciate there are designated areas for dogs but rarely are they truly off-leash areas. Most off-leash areas are about the size of a postage stamp.   In Red Deer,Alberta, the city’s off-leash dog park is 16 hectres!!!  Whoot!