State of Dog: 45

Finally, I am back in  the role of hotel bed and linen appraiser.

We are traveling across Canada again – the 3rd time  for me – and I cannot wait to critically evaluate the comfort levels of each place we stay.  I never know where we will be nor what to expect.  However, I apply rigorous assessment measures to bed, sheet, and pillow using a scale system of 1 (wretched) to 10 (divine).

We are at the Comfort Inn, on the Bedford Hwy near Halifax.  This hits close to 10 on my scale.  As aside: the hospitality staff have bacon bits in their pockets for me so I nuzzle up to them every time we are in the lobby.   Perfect foraging combination  –  Julie gets coffee and I get bacon.

Beds – height for easy leaping, firmness for spinal care, padding for comfort.

Pillows – lightweight to easily move as burrow and pile them around me, lumpy or smooth, firm or limp.

Linens – micro-fibre, linen, fleece, jersey, flannel, or cotton; 300 thread count or 1000; still or soft.

We have many to test on this trip.   Stay posted for updates.

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