State of Dog: 44

I tried.

Really, I did.

Watching Julie roll around with the big blue ball looked like fun.  She laughed every time she fell off thudding  to the floor with a guffaw and harumph.

So I tried it out today for myself.  I straddled it and rolled off. It was fun!  The ball rolled away across the room feigning awkward playfulness and skilled avoidance practices.

Not long after beginning this great rumpus the ball made a gasping “whew” and “whoosh” sound after which it was so much easier to gain purchase in my jaws.  I especially enjoyed the sound it made sputtering and flopping around when I sat on it.

Eventually it became too exhausted to play.

I ended up getting  the knot of rope.  It never gets tired and flattened in play.

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