State of Dog: 129

Come on, Julie. I am ready to go!!!!

We found this trail today and it took some convincing to move Julie along at a good pace. I reminded her that there are thousands of new odours for me to sniff and tracks to follow and pee to read.

I am grateful for her exuberance once we got going because I heard her squeal at the sight of some birds. From time to time I heard her say Downy Woodpecker, Black-capped Chickadee, Cardinal, and Nuthatch. I am not sure she really knows what kind of bird she is seeing but I like to hear her having fun as she trudges along in the snow.

We walked most of the way to Port Dover. I could tell because the fishy air was getting thicker! Julie promised me we would ride there this year. That means I get to ride in the trailer while she pants and wheezes as she pedals along on her bike.