State of Dog: 128

Last year, sometime in December 2021, Julie brought home some weird bluby things in pots. Oh, they were prettily dressed up with shiny wrapping and bows, but still, tiny green pointy bits poking up from the pots looked like she was growing tongues.

Then this happened after a couple of months. Tall Starwars-light-sabre-looking things slowly blew these floofy coloured trumpets out the top.

I am enjoying my afternoon nap with this last one hanging around near by bed. I’ve decided they are beautiful.

Julie got eight of these things from Toronto Botanical Garden’s Garden Shop but she gave four away to her sisters. I wonder what they look like. The floofy things, not her sisters. I know what they look like.

She needs to go back when the Garden Shop reopens and get me more of weird things that turn into beautiful floofy things.