State of Dog: 92

When Julie and I travel around the country, I assume the role of bed tester.  Sometimes, the bed is on a thin puffy thing on the ground with what Julie calls a “bag” on top while other times the bed is a pile of yoga mats in the back of the Jeep. On occasion we’d fall into a squishy bed in someone’s home.

Last summer, I spent six weeks with Addie at her place.  While there, a new sweet-smelling mini-person came to live with us.  I noted that Julie or her daughter would put the wee little thing into this basket.

Well, that would never do. It must be tested first,

I insisted on testing it using best-practices and specific criteria.

  • Does the structure provide adequate barriers from the environment – foundation, side walls, top canopy?
  • What features of the structure offer adjustment – adjustable or removable canopy, adjustable carry handle?
  • What is the level of comfort when laying curled up or stretched out?
  • Is there appropriate space for adding toys (chew toys for me please) and blankets?
  • What is the load rating for this bin?
  • How easily can the mat and other bits of fabric be cleaned (I am know for having muddy paws)

This bin gets 4.5 stars (out of 5) from me.  The half point deduction indicates low load carrying capabilities. I suspect the load should be no more that 10 pounds.  My svelte 60 pounds of muscle strained the structure and I feared total collapse if moved about with me in it.

However, when the wee human being is not in it, I thoroughly enjoy the privacy and comfort this bin offers making my way to it frequently.