State of Dog: 58

We tumble and growl and paw and play and leap and slide and slobber and run and fall for hours then collapse on Julie’s bed at Ashleigh and Ben’s house.

I thought I was being smart to claim most of the bed and lay across the top near the pillows blocking them so I could use them later in my snooze.  Well, that was a faulty plan.  Before my head hit the bed, Addie was falling to sleep with her head on my side.

She is a baby at 9-months old so I allow her some liberties.

And I feel rather pinned.  Have I mentioned that her head is really big?  Well, it is heavy, too.

With that much weight on my lower intestinal tract, she might get a nose full of ripe fart.

addie laying on Kona on Julies bed

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