State of Dog: 171

Finally. Something that challenges me! if I was a cat I would be purring.

I watched Julie this morning as she took one of those voluminous shirts she wears to the table. I know that shirt really well because I can see all the places where Julie has dropped that red sauce in it and there is a dark blotch in its place now. There are other marks on the shirt where I know something has fallen on the shirt. For example, the times when we get me a puppicino at Starbucks and Julie starts sipping on a cup of something and hits a bump in the road. Oh how she squeals and the cusses.

So that shirt took a beating. Julie cut it into strips and did this weird magic trick to change it into a rope. Then I smelled treats. She hid treats in that rope thing.

And I love it! So many pockets where the treats hide and I find them!