State of Dog: 137

These are my pillows and sometimes I share them with Julie. Sometimes I don’t.

I always get to the bed before her and choose the pillows best suited for my sleep needs.

Choosing the right pillow requires some effort and serious evaluation. For example, here are some questions I ask myself when critically evaluating the pillows:

  1. Is the pillow case clean and odour free?
  2. Are there different sized pillows available?
  3. Do each of the pillows provided different levels of firmness or squishiness?
  4. Can I easily move the pillows around to create a platform of comfort for me?
  5. If some of these pillows fail my assessment, are there more available in the spare room that I can bring into this room?
  6. If a pillow falls off the side of the bed, what actions must I take to strongly suggest to Julie that she needs to retrieve the pillow for me?

I often start with four pillows stacked two-up as you see in this photo but I can assure you that by 3 in the morning I have moved one to the bottom of the bed, shoved one toward Julie’s back so I can use it for my torso and I rest my legs on the third pillow. I let Julie have the forth one only if she shares it with me.

She always shares the pillow with me.