State of Dog: 112

These mornings are great!  We head to the super tiny beach at Hunters Bay to poke around before anyone else is up.

Today, I got an eyebrow raised in a very archly and menacing manner in my direction.

Apparently at this hour of the morning I am to be more mindful of the shiny container in Julie’s hand. She grips awfully tightly.

The look of shock and astonishment on her face when it hit the ground with the lid thingy sailing through the air (I thought it was a game so I tried to catch it) and wet thud of the container hitting the ground.  I thought is was pretty funny when that brown liquid splashed everywhere even onto Julie’s shorts and t-shirt.  It left an interesting pattern.

I am pretty sure Julie didn’t care about the clothes she was wearing.

It was odd because I thought she was crying over the brownish fluid draining away across the ground.  She stood there a long while watching it flow away.

What is it with people and that stinky drink called coffee?