State of the Dog: 89

I prognosticated that the temperature outside would drop to -25 Celsius or colder today.

Therefore, I insisted on staying wrapped up like a bed burrito this morning.  Julie coaxed and worked very hard to lay out the logical reasons for getting up.

Yet, I remained until the very last possible moment when I knew my personal waste management system needed emptying.

Then I bolted right back into these warm sheets.  Ahhhhh!

The temperature outside is a bracing 27 below 0 Celsius right now.  Yep, -27!

Julie is determined that we go for a walk and is bundled up with two sweaters, an undercoat, an overcoat, long black stinky stretchy pants, clunky boots, a woolen hat, mittens the size of Pluto, and a mask on her face.

Geez, all I have is a rough and tired looking blanket to wear outside.

She must toughen up.